The Political Bubble by Mark Latham

The Political Bubble by Mark Latham


Mark Latham is one of the most interesting writers around today who says thingsthe way they are. He has written a book called The Political Bubble, which is a great read it’s about thepolitical system in this country. Latham writes that there is too much of a vested special interests influenced by  politicians Both parties push their neoliberal agenda through Parliament for corporations because Australia is run by a political duopoly. Mark Latham joined the Labor Party in the mid-70s to change people’s lives for the better. Hethen served in opposition for a while and burned his political bridges with the Canberra Club.


There is a democratic deficit in the Parliamentary system that does not represent the majority anymore Only a rivial interest in the main parties are present. The Rudd/Gillard years bankrupted the system, and it is now  broken, following the same path as Greece and Italy. Also, Abbott is not helping either despite improving the MPs Superannuation entitlements and cutting back on Social Security  for everyone else so he is looking  after his mates on the big end of town. Latham  points out in his book that technology is transforming society and taking power from politicians and  the media establishment, which is losing its reputation.


Mark Latham has documented how in February 2014 the government was going to end subsidies to SPC Ardmona because they had asked for $25 million and said it was to end the era of industry welfare in Australia  despite a Cadbury chocolate factory in the safe Liberal seat of  Murray. It was subsidized to the tune of $16 million and talkedabout double standards. Abbott also wants to pass his generous and expensive PPL scheme based on work\family in society by meeting the demands of work,which was moreof an interventionistapproach. Then the progressive Labor-Green Party left  would, replace with a different scheme of their own so Latham had done his homework on this one and was right


He covers  in his book how the middle class has withdrawn to the private realm and are buying degrees from universities and private institutions to get ahead, marginalising lower income people from getting an education. and creating an underclass has become a two-tiered system under  a neoliberal state.


Regarding Right Wing Hunting Pack and Left-Wing Tribalism,in his book and he writes show out of touch they are with the real-world Both Left and Right have lost their meaning in thetraditional sense of the word, but are out for personal  gain by politicians. And any new government will not be able to fix the trust deficit because the system is broken. Mark Latham has  written a Manifesto on Downsizing Politics to fix the trust deficit because the system is broken. One light-touch government means time to end subsidies to big business and to cut back on middle-class entitlements. Because two decades of high growth put astop to income creation He is on the money on this, it has to be done. There is also a limited number of  things for the coalition deregulation the labour market and taxation reform. And the Labor government should have three policy areas: education reform, poverty alleviation, and climate change reform. Then the era of top-down intervention would come to an end.


Two, it is time to curb bureaucracy in this country by cutting back the sinecures any government can have among  assistant ministers or parliamentary secretaries and abolish departments of industry and employment as wall as industry programs.


Three, entitlement reform  As dishonest scheme by turning their public life into a financial opportunity and making money out of the system. It needs to be a lot tougher on them to set up an independent monitoring body to end the abuse of  power.


Four, Australia is one of OECD countries that has compulsory voting compared to other countries  like Greece, Belgium and Luxembourg. This system does not represent  themajority of Australians it is a apathocracy.


Five, sidelining lobbyists, the disease in Canberra Club, are lobbying by moneyed interest groups and organisations and are buying governments to do favours for themThis is institutionalised corruption. There needs to be transparency between party officialscompany directors, and corporate advisers. Mark Latham’s book covers lot of issues.




Mark Latham

  • Mark Latham – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • (born 28 February 1961), an Australian author and former politician, was leader of the Federal Parliamentary Australian Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition for thirteen months, from December 2003 to January 2005. Latham captured national attention.

    Mark Latham’s stunt as opposition leader of Labor Party














































Biography of Malcolm Turnbull

t_Malcolm_Turnbull_swearing-in_ceremony_September_2015.jpg     Biography of Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Bligh Turnbull is the 29th prime minister of Australia  and the leader of the Liberal Party who  has been in Parliament since 2004 and a member of Wentworth. He was educated at Sydney Grammar School from 1978 to 1980. He attended, Brasenose College and won the Rhodes Scholarship despite having worked as a journalist, lawyer, investment banker and venture capitalist. Well into 1999,  Turnbull became chairman of the Australian Republican Movement and stayed on as a member until 2000. Turnbull served  in the Howard Ministry as Minister for Environment and Water up to 2007. Turnbull became the leader of the Liberal Party in September 2008 and decided to back the Carbon Pollution  Reduction Scheme, which divided the Liberal Party by one vote to Tony Abbott. He also remained in the party as Minister for Communications in the Abbott government.


Malcolm Turnbull was born in Sydney in October 1954 and suffered from asthma as a child.His parents had divorced and his mother moved to New Zealand and migrated to the United States. In 1973, Malcolm Turnbull attended the University of Sydney and graduated with a degree in political science in 1977 and earned a second degree in law. He became active in student politics and served as the Board Director of the Sydney  University Union. He also got a job as a journalist writing  for the Nation Review, 2SM, and Channel 9 mainly covering state politics. Between 1978 to 1980, he won honours at Oxford.


After finishing Oxford, he became a barrister. He left the bar in 1983 and held down the job as Consul-general  and Secretary for  the Australian Consolidated Press Holdings Group  from 1983 to1985 when he defended Kerry Packer from Goanna allegations made by the Costigan Commission. Turnbull went into partnership with Bruce McWilliam when he established his law firm. In 1986, he defended Peter White, who was the former Mi5 official who wrote the book  called the Spycatcher, to stop the British government’s attempt to ban the book from being published in Australia Turnbull went on to write a book about the trial later on.


In 1987, he set up an investment banking firm, Whitlam Turnbull & Co Ltd. and  went into partnership with Neville Wran, former South Wales Labour Premier, of New South Wales and former State Bank of New South Wales executive Nicholas Whitlam, who was the son of Gough Whitlam, the former Australian Labour Prime Minister,  until 1990, when he parted his company. Turnbull moved on to become Managing Director and Partner at Goldman Sachs.


Malcolm Turnbull was Managing Director of Goldman Sachs Australia from 1997 to 2001 and remained a partner with Goldman Sachs & Co  He also was Chairman of another Corporation,  Axiom Forest Resources, which had a logging operation in the Solomon Islands. Solomon Mamaloni. The Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, was accused company of contract breaches of logging practices in an article in the Solomon Times.


Turnbull saw the expansion of the Australian Internet service provider Ozmail from 1994 to 1999, but eventually sold the company to then-telecommunications giant MCI WorldCom, putting his worth at $60 million. His software and investment company, FTR Holdings Ltd., took over a number of Internet companies such as Webcentral and  Turnbull was questioned  about his role in HIH by the Royal Insurance Commission, and it was suspected that Goldman Sachs had some involvement in the collapse of the insurance company in the case of privatisation although the royal Commission report   found no evidence against him or Goldman Sachs.


Turnbull was at the time trying find the centre between left of Liberal and right of Labor despite Laurie Ferguson’s active role in the NSW Labor Council. Although Ferguson  remembered Turnbull’s passionate speech about the progressive forces at the university club, in other words, small-L liberals like himself, the Communist Party and the Labor Party  came together in what he called a “popular front,” a reference to World War II and left-wing anti-fascist forces,”which never got up and running because the club was not interested in university politics anyway. So he opened the meeting, and after 10-15 minutes a guy simply got up and said, “I move that  this organisation be closed”, That was carried out, and it was the end of organisation!.


Turnbull ran for the seat of Wentworth in 1981 in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, but was beaten by Peter Coleman Then he let his membership lapse in the Liberal Party.Later on, Turnbull Join the Party in 2000, the Republic referendum, was held in 1999. He was appointed by Paul Keating as Chairman of the Republic Advisory Committee, which give him authority to move Australia from a monarchy to a republican form of government, although  the Referendum was defeated.



Malcolm Turnbull has a long history with the Liberal Party During his career in 2004, he  stood against Peter King for Wentworth and, won by a small margin. He became Minister for the Environment under John Howard. Turnbull  became the opposition leader on the 16th of September 2008 There were scandals during his tenure, like the OzCar affair that argued that the Labour Party had gotten preferential treatment from OzCar program that led to the decline in Liberal approval ratings in opinion polls. In 2009, a party meeting was held to pass the Rudds carbon pollution scheme In the Senate there was backbench revolt from some Liberal senators over the CPRS that started a motion against him by Wilson Tuckey, Dennis Jensen and Kevin Andrews and included  Tony Abbott, who was on the front bench in the shadow cabinet.



Turnbull became Communications  Minister under Abbott’s Administration when he scaled down Labor’s National Broadband Network. With the intention of dismantling the NBN, Turnbull put together a deal with NBN Co and Telstra that would be cheaper and faster under his system. The then Labor’s NBN plan and the cost was about $46 billion to $56 billion despite Labor’s plan and would have delivered better broadband.


Leadership tensions started building up  again around this time about Tony Abbott’s leadership inside the Liberal Party and his poor poll results 30 times in the row. Turnbull said that Abbott was not capable of doing the job. That brought on the spill motion  against Tony Abbott and was defeated by 61 votes to 39. What  type of leader is Malcolm Turnbull? the fact is he is a Liberal-leaning progressive or member of the Liberal elite who believes in climate change and wants to legalise same sex marriage. He is a member of the Left of  Liberal Party on social issues and right on economic issues of the Labour Party. The country has seen much change since he  came to office.






Mel Carriere 4 months ago from San Diego California

Our two party system in the United States is definitely broken as well. It sounds like the corruption of career politicians is a global disease. Great hub!    

Malcolm Turnbull Vs Bill Shorten in the 2016 election campaign 




The Neoconservatives who are shaping policy in the world today

The Neoconservatives  who are shaping policy in the world today


Neoconservatives are shaping policy according to their  worldview of the Middle East. The Neoconservative movement begins in the mid 1980s under the Reagan Administration. The movement had a lot of influence in the Defense Department under George W. Bush. The origins of the movement began in late 1930s. The majority of its members  attended City College of New York and were public intellectuals from poor immigrant Jewish backgrounds hit by the Great Depression and at that time held very radical political views this essay discusses the Neoconservative movement in the US.



The Neoconservatives believe the American Century was a global phenomenon. The American Enterprise Institute and the military-industrial complex wanted to  spread  liberal democracy throughout  the world, in the Middle East particularly, to promote the U. S. agenda, but in reality things did not unfold that way. The intended the liberal project had failed. Neocons believed in social justice and the redistribution of wealth towards the multinationals by remaking the Middle East in America’s image.


Most were veterans of the Cold War and were  against the former Soviet Union and were going to defend Israel from the Arabs because this was the Holy Land of the Jews,God’s chosen people  Most were Trotskyites,and in their time believed that  American foreign policy would establish an American hegemony in the East.


Despite this fact, the majority of Jews still voted Democrat rather than Republican Jewish intellectuals  opposed  to the 60s counterculture were Wilson idealists and wanted to transform society. they believed American exceptionalism could make the world a better place. There were Irving Kristol, Nathan Glazer, Paul Wolfowitz,  David Brooks, and Charles Krauthammer, who had significant social influence.


George W Bush’s intervention in Iraq in 2003 wasn’t in America’s best interests. The Neoconservative policy to establish hegemonies in the region ultimately created al Qaeda and resulted in the attack on the Twin Towers in 2001, one of the grim results of American imperialist policy.


The Jacobins Club was established in 1789 during the French Revolution. Neoconservatives were modern day Jacobins of the 21st century because they were on a mission to defeat Communism and expand liberal democracy everywhere just as Fukuyama predicted. Pax Americana dominated all regions of the globe all in the name of making a profit by promoting unilateral internationalism anywhere that was run by vested interests, namely big oil and the defense  industry. The U.S is intentionally recreating the Middle East  to create a new world order and a new religion around the globe. Neoconservatives hold liberal positions on most social issues,they are, conservative in name only.



Liberal internationalists and neoconservatives joined forces and defeated the old traditional establishment in most Western countries, overturned laws and disrupted social order in the so-called democratic West are becoming police states.Citizens  are gradually losing their freedoms  all to hold onto a declining empire that is competing with Russian and China.


Neoconservatism defines itself as Western and mainly American.,  Neocons think the West has become amoral and degenerate and believes that there is a deeper crisis affecting Western civilization. James Q Wilson, an American political scientist, traced Neoconservatism back to the Enlightenment of the 18th Century. The movement  encouraged people to question the authority of the establishment and organized religion.  Along with social conservatives,Neoconservatives blame the 1960s counterculture for the loss of traditional values.They believe there should be a separation between church and state  as it is defined in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.


Neoconservatives are modern liberals They accept that different cultures can coexist together to promote diversity and multiculturalism and  to undermine the dominant culture in the country. This led to a backlash with therise of political correctness and anti-immigrant sentiment wherever it is put into practice.


The intellectuals were anti-Stalinist Communists or Trotskyites after they became liberals who were unhappy with liberalism. These  included Irving Kristol, Nathan Glazer, and Norman Podhoretz. Neoconservative ideology considered that anything against traditionalism and authority was radical.


In 1919 at the Paris Peace Conference, Woodrow Wilson wanted to make the world a safer place for democracy. He was an idealist. Who argued against democratic spending that supported regimes that threatened America’s interest. Wilson also put in place plans for the League of Nations which were defeated by isolationists at the start of World War. The Reagan Administration, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush used the military, economic policy, and political clout in the end to promote democracy.


From 1991 onward, to the downfall of the bankrupted Soviet Union,to the Iraq War with neoconservative officials,  the Pentagon had planned everything from the beginning.  The neocons have an idealistic belief in social progress and believe that they are making the world a better place for liberal democracy, modernization and prosperity. They take an active role in world affairs to expand freedom through an interventionist policy.


Neocons sought to attack Libya and planned to keep the war in Afghanistan going, even suggested the military strike against Syria, which led to the rise of ISIS. That  strategy brought about the destruction of a nation which the military-industrial complex could profit from through oil.


The Paleoconservatives who do not agree with the tenets of Neoconservatism, have argued that the Trotskyite theory advocated for a permanent revolution, which   was a flaw in their argument because Neoconservatives have never been Trotskyites, but have argued for democratic imperialism subverting the old order. Irving Kristol has said a neoconservative is a liberal “mugged by reality.” Woodrow Wilson established a liberal world order when he signed the peace treaty  at Versailles, which would endure. He won a Nobel Peace Prize in his second term for high idealism.


Neoconservatism as in ideology may  have been well-intended and was Wilsonian in the sense that  it was based on the principle of creating a better world through a lasting revolution.



he Tea Party and conservative Republicans








































Is the Tea Party movement good for America

Is the Tea Party Movement Good for America

  The Tea Party got its name from the Boston Tea Party of 1773-a pre-revolutionary tax revolt against the price of tea going up in the colonies. The British government controlled the tea in the colonies at that time, but colonists refused to pay the increased taxes for it. The Tea Party,a part of the Grand Old Party, has principles and an, agenda; It is anti-government, anti-spending, anti- immigration, and anti-compromise. People who support both the Democrat and Republican parties are independents, while Libertarians want a smaller government and think that spending has gotten out of control. Their biggest concern is for the economy, and  they see illegal immigration as a problem. It is political movement with an affiliation to the Republican party aimed at lowering taxes and cutting back on spending to save money. The Republican establishment needs the Tea Party more than the Tea Party needs Republicans. There are grassroots enthusiasts who are claiming that the system has not been working for them, but rather against them. Republicans such as Karl Rove and Rockefeller established RINOS [Republicans in Name Only], who have sold out their base.


1 The Tea Party believes in lower spending and, lower taxes.

The Bush tax cuts are set to expire, sequestering is about to hit,and the government is running out of money. Democrats will have allowed some $600 billion in higher taxes and lower spending to come into effect on Jan.1 if the Republicans do not agree to raise taxes as part of a solution. Conversely, Tea Party Republicans will reduce taxes and repeal all tax increases to save money.


2 The Tea Party believes that illegal immigration should be cut back.Tea Partiers hold that illegal immigrants are freeloaders who take benefits they do not pay for. 64% think that illegal aliens are taking jobs away from Americans.


3. The Tea Party’s stance on global warming that is 58% did not believe in global warming while Tea Party members remain divided over whether to cut carbon dioxide emissions


4The Tea Party members do not want to lose their benefits, but they don’t mind if others do, like unionized workers or the unemployed, as well as people on welfare.



5 They may not be useful idiots like they are  made out to be in the Republican establishment. The Tea Party was working against Republicans, not for them.


The ideology of the Tea Party  pro-business and is linked with social conservatism. They are putting  liberty ahead of equality, economic interests of the individual over the community, and are supporting the free market. It goes way back to the 1930s the decade of the New Deal with the rise of radical conservatives in the Democratic Party that had its roots in the Ku Klux Klan.


The original Tea Party started in Bostonon under the British Crown. Americans had to pay for the despised Tea Act in the 1770s against a corporate monopoly for a demand in silver coin paid in taxes, which transferred £1.4 million from the colonies to the East India Company. This would be about $2.1 billion in today’s currency. The American colonies had been a part of the British Empire under the Crown, which was the legitimate government at that time, from 1760 to 1820 with the death of King George III.                    256px-Gadsden_flag.svg.png


The American Revolution created a nation in 1774, and John Adams noted that about one-third of Americans were loyal to the British Crown while another number favored the cause of independence. The Whigs were well-represented in Boston,And the Tories had the backing of the establishment. Before the Tea Act, the East India Company had sent 5,0000 chests of tea to the American colonies in 1773, but Parliament passed the Tea Act and with it the right to tax the colonies. they demanded that the taxes be paid in coin when the importers sent the cargo to the U.S. to drive the smugglers (free traders)  out of the market. This would give the East India Company a  monopoly over the sale of tea. There were other factors at play from 1770-1774 like the Stamp Act crisis and the Boston Massacre of 1770.


It was the end of the Conservative era when Barack Obama won the presidency. With the slogan for change  that we can believe in in 2008. He is more of a centrist and has progressive values in line with Liberalism, again for the conservative wing of the Tea Party.The conservative movement’s roots go back to a period between Watergate and Reagan that made modern conservatism want it is today. And the so-called family issues of the conservatives in the movement are abortion, sex education, homosexuality, and feminism painted against the backdrop  of religious and ideological adherence in the Tea Party.


During the Reagan years, the religious right had achieved some success in American politics since it came on the scene in the 1980s, but the Republican Party started to move away from traditional conservatism in the government. They favored big government Republicans under George W. Bush’s administration. By having a neo-conservative influence in the Bush White House during the war in Iraq, Bush’s foreign policy was radical the freedom agenda.


The Republican establishment and the conservative movement are not the same, because the Republican Party has a long history, and its main purpose is to gain power in its right. The American conservative movement is a modern phenomenon on that has grown since 1964.


American conservatism was a reaction to the New Deal under Franklin D. Roosevelt and goes back to its pre-1945 roots in the conservative tradition.This involved opposition to the centralized state, big government, and bureaucracy. By the late 1930s, a conservative coalition came about the old right which was also against the war economy and was more isolationist than the new right. With the rising of the Cold War came anti-communist sentiments, because both libertarians and traditionalists held that Communism was the god that failed. As part of an ideological crusade, there were a lot of organizations that emerged based on issues of race, and civil rights, becoming known as Liberty Lobby and the John Birch Society.


Boston_Tea_Party_Currier_colored (4).jpg











Biography of Donald Trump


Biography of Donald Trump



Donald Trump was born June  14th, 1946 in Queens, New York. He started his business career as a real estate developer. He built some buildings in Manhattan, which made him controversial at the time. He was the son of a real estate developer named Fred Trump. He worked for his father’s firm, Elizabeth Trump & Son, while he was in college.  After graduating from college in 1968, he joined the company. Trump had two reality shows on NBC, the Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice. Donald starred in the shows as himself. Trump announced in 2015 that he would be running in  the Republican race for the U.S. presidency.


Trump’s father was born in Woodhaven Queens, New York. He was the son of Elizabeth and Frederick Trump, who had emigrated from Germany in 1885. Frederick became a successful gold rush  restaurateur and brothel owner. He  had a lot of Jewish tenants, which wasn’t good coming from a German background. Trump was proud of his German ancestry. The family lived at  Wareham Place in the Jamaica Estates. He had behavioral problems at school. At age 13 Donald enrolled in the New York Military Academy [NYMA] in 1983. During his senior year, he did military drills and rose up to the rank of captain. Donald attended Fordham University for two years and went to the Wharton school of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, which offered courses in real estate. Meanwhile, he worked for his father’s firm,Elizabeth Trump & Son.


Trump said when he graduated from college at age 23 Donald was  worth about  US$200,000. By today’s standard, that was the equivalent of $ 1,021,000. He tried to go into show business. Which ultimately didn’t work out Donald invested $70,000 to co-produce a Broadway comedy, which was never realized Trump’s  career began at his father’s company. He borrowed  one  or two million from his father to start his real estate business in the middle class housing market in Brooklyn and Queens Trump’s casino and hotel business underwent bankruptcy five times between 1991 to 2014, though they could still operate The owners settled their accounts with investors, but they went through debt collection and the sale of assets on November 2nd, 1992. Another one of Trump’s hotels filed for bankruptcy, and he lost 49% stake in the luxury hotel to Clickbank by 1994 the hotel became insolvent.


Because of the recession, he could not make the loan payments. His debt accrued with his businesses going through bankruptcy, and the bondholders lost a lot of money that added up to millions of dollars., But he decided to restructure his debt to avoid having  to go to court by 1994, Trump had eliminated a large portion of his personal debt of  $900 million.  Donald started to reduce his business debt. He  had to sell his Trump Shuttle that he bought in 1989, although he kept Trump Tower in New York City and still controlled his three casinos in Atlantic City.  By 1999, Trump’s main goal was to run for President for the Reform Party.  His casinos went into bankruptcy, and by 2004 he lost stake in the company. His casino company went bankrupt again in 2009, which reduced his stake to 10%. Trump has gained the support of the working class because they think  the country has sold out to big corporations for  profit. About 33 percent of noncollege educated voters  favor the Democrats while  64 percent of non-college working class voters support the Republicans.


Why? Because Donald Trump had been getting the support of the non-college educated working class to begin with It started with the decline of white working class support for Democrats in the 1960s with the rise of counterculture and the popular TV ‘70s TV show  “Family.”  The show was about traditional conservative blue collar values shared by the so-called “Reagan Democrats,” who  dissented the New Deal coalition in the 1990s. They were won back during Bill Clinton’s tenure in his campaign for tough love for Social Security recipients and the death penalty.


With most blue collar jobs being outsourced  overseas, companies could cut cost in the long run and make more money for shareholders. Trump advocates for free trade and social entitlements like Medicare and Social Security. Without question, whites without a college degree and fewer employment prospects would be more opposed to cutting welfare.                                                      .Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_4.jpg


Trump has said that he believes in traditional marriage between a man and a woman. He spearheads a lot of Right Wing tenets putting out the message that the nation is in decline and has lost the moral high ground. Trump is not only an outsider, but more in line with the conservative movement, including John Birch Society. That corner of the radical right believes in limited government and is more anti-communists than the Grand Old Party. There is a close relationship between the Birchers and Trump’s views. They held positions in Goldwater’s campaign in 1964. However, there are some Republican newspapers and Republican  donors  that support Hillary Clinton.


Trump  has  already established a third party within the mainstream GOP. In response to the fact that Grand Old Party  has became more liberal and has lost touch with its base. Back in the 1960s, the Republican Party feared Barry Goldwater and viewed him as an instigator that was splitting the party apart. Goldwater lost the campaign  against  the conservative Republican legislators in his own party, who were tainted by association with him. This helped the New Deal Democrats enact the Great Society that scares  conservatives today, although his defeat led to Ronald Reagan’s election What is different this time is that Goldwater in 1964 and McCarthy in 1954 are still part of the GOP’s modern history and is the third party waiting to be heard.


What  are Trump’s opinions on certain issues in the 2016 presidential race?. He maintains his principles on most issues and problems facing this country. One issue which attracts a lot of attention is Trump’s controversial views on immigration.


[Quote:“People realize the problem we have in this country with illegal immigration. It’s going to be solved. It’s going to be fixed.” Is Trump right? he system is broken. We have to find a solution to this very complex situation It is true the U.S. has become a dumping ground for criminals and smugglers, who profit by smuggling contraband into the U.S. through the use of human trafficking and  by the support of corrupt South American governments.


Here are a few of Trump’s quotes on illegal immigration:


“I will build a great wall. “Nobody builds walls better than me, believe me. And I’II build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.” Donald Trump’s Best Quotes-page 32


“For many years, Mexico’s leaders have been taking advantage of the United States by using illegal immigration to export the crime and poverty in their own country” as well as other Latin American countries” Donald Trump’s Best Quotes-page 12



“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”Donald Trump’s Best Quotes-page 71




Registering Islamic people sympathized with Islamist who have inflicted the Muslim community in a database is only a temporary solution.  A similar problem faced  Europe with its migration  crisis that has backfired  on the continent [particularly Germany]  by having an open door policy that led to the terrorist attacks in Paris and Belgium. The Islamist groups have a foothold in Europe, just like the Roman Empire in its decline faced  barbarians at the gate. This will mean the end of the European Union as we know it.




“One of the problems today is that politics is such a disgrace Good people don’t go into government.” Donald Trump’s Best Quotes 21



The Conservative movement within the Republican Party is divided over a range of issues, including the loss of manufacturing jobs and the outsourcing of jobs overseas. Both parties support free trade. Trump needs to be nominated because he has won more states with the most delegates.The Republican Advisory Committee won’t nominate Donald Trump, but will nominate Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz because Trump is outspoken and controversial, despite the fact that Donald Trump has shaken up the establishment. Trump has earned his reputation through his career and his reality shows and plans to star in a new reality show covering his run in the presidential race.