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The Conservative Revolution by Cory Bernardi


The Conservative Revolution by Cory Bernardi, the book, is worth a read because it covers so-called conservative principles. These are principles like Faith, Family, Flag and Free Enterprise, which are cultural values held by establishment institutions and the majority in the mainstream, but utilitarian neo-liberal elite who currently have most of the power in the country want to change things from what they were in the past to conform with what is modern conservatism today. The Liberal Party today is no longer liberal in the traditional sense of the word, having moved to the right on most issues. Centralist policies of both major parties have failed a lot of minority groups over the years.

Cory Bernardi’s book covers socially conservative issues that are Judeo–Christian in nature. Bernardi is an economic liberal, but not progressive. Religious fundamentalism has been declining in most of the west over a decade.

The Flag – It is part of our heritage and identity furthermore Sir Henry Parkes is the founding father of Federation although the Constitution hasn’t change for over a hundred years and is a Constitutional Monarchy the head of state is the queen who represented as the symbol of the state in Australia. Only time will tell when became a Republic And become independent from united kingdom. Free Enterprise – Bernardi also believes in individual freedom and the free market, which he sees as capitalism for the middle class. He does not hold with the crony capitalism under which the too-big-to-fail banks are bailed out by the taxpayer who foots the bill. However, along with libertarians and social conservatives, he believes in the principle of private property. Freedom – An area where both libertarians and conservatives are at one is in wanting more freedom for the individual and in a society that provides more opportunities for the individual as well.

Family – He believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, saying it benefits both in the long run. Historically, the male is the breadwinner and also the authority in the household. He does not concur with the redefinition of marriage by the progressive left and opposes same-sex marriage. He believes that heterosexuals are better at bringing up children.

He is unapologetic about promoting the conservative cause and defending the traditional institutions along with Nick Minchin, who say that has a support base. Cory Bernardi was son of Italian immigrants who came to own hotels and restaurants. He went to Prince Alfred College, part of the Adelaide establishment, and he joined the Liberal party at 17 despite his father having been a unionist and a Labor man all his life. Cory holds ‘new right’ views on most issues. He claims that the Green movement has been taken over by cultural Marxism, which also has an agenda to bring down the living standards of the west. His book is an interesting and thought-provoking read.

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