Australia is a Sham Democracy

Australia is a Sham democracy run by vested Interest behind political duopoly, and their media lapdogs toe the party line of both dominant major parties. centre-right Labor and right-centre Liberal party for corporations that is social democratic model that is corporatism. The country like Australia is authoritarian democracy that favors the majority over the minority.

The Australian centre-right Labor party, which started in 1891, as democratic socialist party and committed to socialization of industry also production, distribution, and exchange because this clause doesn’t mean anything anymore. The social democratic party that sold out its working class base to the progressive middle-class under Golf Whitlam in the 1970s. The catholic wing of the party that opposed to Same-sex marriage within Trade Union movement and refugees. In 2010, Labor alliance with the Australian Greens and was their undoing signing a pact with Labor to pass the carbon tax through Parliament under Julia Gillard.

The Australian right-centre Liberal party, that was formed in 1944 by Robert Menzies and was opposed to communism and supports economic liberalism. Although the party is not liberal in the traditional sense of the word and has become more conservative. On social issues like gay marriage and abortion, which the catholic wing of the Liberal party opposes and Supports traditional marriage and is pro-life their politics on gun control that bought in 1996 after Port Arthur massacre by the Howard government at that time. And are Closer to the Republicans in USSA both are Neoconservatives.

The Australian Greens are a Left wing party, which supports same-sex marriage, has a plan to deal with climate change. The party is progressive because it believes in social justice means that has an agenda towards one world free of discrimination and other forms injustice which would only work in an Ideal world, not in reality. despite Greens were red on the inside and green on the outside most of its supporters are Uni graduates. And live not far from the capital city.

The Nationals were agrarian socialist party looking after the interest Australian farmers, but join in the coalition with Liberals and sold them out. There was the backlash against Beltway in Canberra with the rise of One Nation and Palmer United party run by mining Magnate because his interest comes first.

The country is turning into a police state because his one of puppet states in Washington’s orbit in the Asian region. Both parties aligned on policy how to fix global warming and same-sex marriage except for the conservative faction in the Liberal party and Budget deficit is the major task for the Abbott regime. Most Institutions are unrepresentative of the people in Australia, or their reputation been damaged because of scandals so it is wall on the road to banana republic.

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