Book Review of Oranges for Christmas

Berlin 1961, the East German regime put up barbed wire to divide East and West. Because the Communists were talking about a better future for everyone, but it was a joke that they called themselves democratic. At the end of World War 11, Germany was divided into Zones by the Americans, French, and Soviets. People were going to the demonstration and demanded political change and more rights, but they got neither. East Germans are fleeing to the West from a refugee center at Marienfelde. The Berlin Wall stayed for 28 years until November 1989 136 people that tried to escape from East to West Berlin lost their lives. The East Germans escaped into Austria and Hungary while the Hungarians wanted to stop it. 

While barbed wire rose, America, Britain, and France did nothing because tapped people in the East could not leave their countries and had lost their freedom. There was anger and frustration at the East German regime Sabine, Brigitta, and Dieter sacrificed a lot of liberty to plan an escape, putting others at risk. Her father had solid principles and would fight for them because he was out that day and got stamped out by the Soviet tank in the worker’s rebellion. Sabine is living in the secret police state known as the Stasi. Dieter joins a rebel group to get his family to the West in a bid for freedom.

The story based on the lives of the people in East Germany, but the characters are fighters and have hope for something better and survival. Their plane is dangerous, and they can not trust anyone that will hand them over to the Stasi. At the Bernauer Strasse, an East German guard had jumped over the wall and became a hero in West Berlin. The famous street maybe more escapes from East Germany to freedom. I visited the graves for the last time at the Invaliden Cemetery in East Berlin. It is historical fiction based on facts about what it was like living behind the Berlin wall.

The book is a great read and has a lot of drama about the people who have complicated lives in the socialist country, but West did not do much to help them. The 21 April Communist Party and Social Democratic Party join to form the Socialist Unity Party of Germany. The war reparations owed to the Soviets exhausted the Soviet Zone and weakened the East German economy. The Eastern Bloc was protecting its people from fascists conspiring to fend off the people’s will to build a socialist state in East Germany which was an [ Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart ]. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 led to German reunification.

The story is based on the main characters who face circumstances but don’t give in and have hope that things will get better in the Eastern Bloc, which is known as the Soviet Bloc—composed of Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea, North Korea, and China. Countries aligned with the Soviet Union included Cuba, and Margarita has done much research into East Germany’s account. Sabine, the story’s main character, doesn’t surrender to her circumstance, and I will give the story 6 out of 10.

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